Sterling Silver Crystal Swirl Nose Piercing Ball End Stud

Sterling Silver Crystal Swirl Nose Piercing Stud

This stunning 22 gauge (0.65mm) nose ring features brilliant round glue-set swarovski clear 2mm crystal handcrafted in real 925 sterling silver. It is available in straight pin suitable to custom bend yourself into an L shape or a ball end nose pin known also as a nose bone This dazzling high quality crystal nose ring is a must-have accessory that goes with everything.


Condition Brand New
Qty 1
Size 22 gauge
Shaft Length

6mm (ball  end) 

10mm (straight  end)

Stone Size  1.5mm
Stone Type Crystal
Swirl Size (hxw) 4.5mm (approx)
Material 925 Sterling Silver
  • This stud has  the stones glued in and requires delicate care, it is  recommended not be worn to bed or in shower  / bath, as may snag  causing stone loss