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Choosing your Body Piercing material

There is more to getting a piercing than just walking into a piercing parlour and getting jabbed with the needle. There are things you need to think about beforehand. For starters and most importantly is where are you going to get your new piercing. Once you have determined where you are going to get your piercing then then next thing to think about is what kind of jewellery you are going to get.

Body piercing jewellery comes in many different shapes, sizes and materials. There are some shapes and sizes that are not recommended for when you first get the piercing – but you can change to them after the healing period. In regard to the material of the jewellery you are going to have, thought needs to go into this. Here are some tips for choosing the right piece of jewellery for your new piercing.

Know the correct terms

Each different piece of jewellery has a name. Don’t walk into your piercer and say you want a tongue ring. Know the correct terms for the different pieces so that you are informed and understand exactly what you are getting. For example there is a straight barbell for the tongue and a curved for the belly. If you just say barbell and you are seeing an inexperienced piercer you may end up with the wrong one.

Know your body

If you are prone to sensitive skin than you need to discuss this with your piercer and choose a piece of jewellery made from a material that copes better with sensitive skin. Titanium, glass and surgical steel are some of the best materials to use if you are prone to being sensitive.

Never use restrictive materials

Depending on where your piercing is, the material you use may be too strict or rigid for that area. The last thing you want to do is be in

pain, discomfort or have a reduced ability to move a part of your body because of the new piercing. Using materials such as Teflon work best in these areas are they are more flexible and less restrictive.

The most important thing to remember is whether the piercing will work for you. It is a big step adding a piercing to your body and it can be a big change. Before you take the plunge, make sure you are actually ready for it and that it is something that you are doing for you because you want it. Do not let anyone else talk you into getting it if it is not something you are comfortable with.

Talk about any concerns you have with your piercer and listen to any advice that they may have.

Have fun choosing your next piece of jewellery.

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