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Jewellery Styles for the Office

In the workplace, you normally either have a set uniform that everyone wears or you have a set type of clothing that you can wear in order to be professional in the workplace.

However, the outfit or uniform that you are wearing is not the only thing you need to think about. You also need to consider the jewellery and the accessories that you are wearing and whether they are appropriate for the workplace as well.

Some workplaces will have a list of items that can and can not be worn for safety reasons whilst others will require you to simply stick to a professional standard. There is still many types of jewellery that you can wear in the workplace without losing your professional touch.


If you are choosing to wear a necklace to work then stick to small and simple necklaces. Ones with a small pendant or a simple chain are the best option for the workplace.

Ensure that you are not using a necklace that is very long or bulky as this may cause it to get caught in different things in the workplace.


Earrings are probably the most acceptable piece of jewellery to wear in the workplace. They can be hidden well and there is less chance of them getting caught on different things. Wearing earrings can also make you look more professional in the workplace.

When choosing your earrings to wear at work, stick to small and simple earrings.

Avoid large hoops or long dangly earrings that may get caught on different things or be a distraction in the workplace.

Bangles and bracelets

Bangles and bracelets are a nice addition to your look however if you are spending a lot of time sitting at a computer typing than it may start to become a distraction to you and the other people in the office due to the clanging sound that they make each time you start to type.

If you are adding bracelets or bangles to your look, try to keep it to one or two instead of a bulk amount to reduce the noise and distraction coming from them.


Rings are a nice, little, subtle addition to your look and can complement it well. When working in an office environment rings are pretty well handled and there is not much chance of them getting caught or causing distractions. There are so many different styles of rings around to purchase and you can choose different ones that suit your style and look.

How to choose your style

When working in an office environment a lot of the time you are able to wear everyday clothes that are classed as smart casual. This means that you can tailor your jewellery to match the colours that you are wearing and can style yourself differently each day.

Look at the style of clothing that you are wearing, the different colours that you have incorporated into the look and then work out the jewellery once you have the complete outfit together.

Working in an office is probably one of the best places to work if you are someone who likes to dress up their look each day with jewellery as you are not in a position of operating heavy machinery or working outdoors such as in construction. It is still important that you speak with your manager or person in charge and discuss what is acceptable and not acceptable within the workplace.

As much as you may want to bring your style and personality through in your outfit and your jewellery you are still there to do a job and it is important that you remain professional and in line with the visions of the company.

Jewellery can add an extra touch of professionalism to your look, however, if you overdo it, wear bold out there jewellery that overpowers the business and the culture of those in the team.

Have fun shopping for your workplace jewellery.

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