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Choosing the Perfect Nose Stud for you

Choosing a nose ring comes with so many decisions.

Here's are some steps to help to select the perfect size, style, and fit.

Post Sizes

The first thing you need to do is determine what size/gauge/pin thickness you need. Please see the gauge chart to help you work out your size. "Gauge" is the thickness of the post. The higher the number, the thinner the post.

The majority of piercing artists will use an 18g stud when piercing your nose but it is extremely common to reduce the gauge of your piercing for a smaller hole so you can chose a smaller size but it is recommended to only go down one gauge at a time.

Post Types

Nose Bone (Ball end): The little ball on the end is simply pushed through the piercing and holds the jewellery in place, it is not removable. If you find that nose screws twist around or are uncomfortable, our nose pins are a perfect choice.

L shaped (Elbow Bend): L bends are usually used for initial piercings because they are easy to get in. They are also a good choice for you if you have trouble getting the U shape screw in. They are easy and relatively secure.

Nose Screw (Corkscrew): Nose screws are designed to fit securely. The screw is threaded through the piercing, resulting in a very secure fit. Nose screws can be difficult to get in. We recommend having your piercing artist insert your nose screw for the first time. If you have a very active lifestyle or are concerned about your nose ring falling out, this is probably the best style for you.

Nose Hoop: Nose rings are another secure fit, rings are more noticeable. Hoops are available in a variety of different sizes.

Fishtail nose stud (Straight Pin): Fishtail nose studs are straight like a nose bone but they do not have a ball on the end. The pin on this type of nose stud can be custom bent to hold them securely in place. A fishtail nose stud is a great choice because it can be bent in whichever way needed to make it more comfortable for wearing.

Septum Rings:Septum piercings are worn in the middle section of the nose between each nostril. Usually hoops designs such as circular barbell, curved barbell, segment ring, captive ball ring, seamless rings and also the most popular clicker rings.

Stone Sizes

Nose Stone Size

When choosing your stone size, besides your personal taste, please consider your work environment, and facial features when choosing a stone size. Our 1.5mm stone is ideal for a conservative workplace or if you want a tiny bit of sparkle. The 2 mm stone is the perfect size for most people and still relatively discrete.

If you enjoy looking for a more noticeable large piece of jewellery, you'll be happiest with a larger 3 mm stone. Also consider the size of your nose. Our 3 mm stone may overwhelm a smaller nose, whereas the 1.5 mm diamond may go unnoticed on a more prominent nose. If you are still undecided, keep in mind that nose studs are like any other kind of jewellery; one stud may not be suitable for all of your needs. Many customers order a selection that reflect their changing activities and moods.

Nose Ring Retainers

A nose ring retainer is different from other types of nose rings because it is not meant to be seen. A retainer is inserted into the piercing to prevent the hole from closing when a traditional nose stud cannot be worn. Many opt to wear these at school, at their workplace, or anywhere else that nose rings may not be appropriate.

Mother Jewel nose stud designs are made to suit everyone no matter what the occasion, you can find your perfect nose stud fit.

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